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Good day, internet!  Mike Skvarla here, I am the writer and co-producer of Love in the Time of Monsters.

A preliminary warning - please, don't let my incomprehensible blogging affect your opinion of this film's story quality.  This medium is unfamiliar to me as I've always believed it was too self-indulgent to persue - I'm not much of a talker in real life so why would I need a global voice?  Now a script, however, I'll draft, structure, and arc the hell out of one of those.  Blog submissions to me are either a public diary or a progress report, so I'm going to approach my entries as a progress report, undoubtably with some diary moments thrown in.

Now, a look back, five years into the past when Love in the Time of Monsters was born.  Like many of my other stories, the concept was developed from a particularly memorable and violent dream (I don't call them nightmares because I have gotten so used to monsters parading around in my slumber that most often it's just a good ol' freak carnival).  I knocked out a first draft of the story that was more of an old Merrie Melodies cartoon than credible horror story.  Matt and Andy then optioned it and I've been turning hilarious into horrific ever since.  I've been getting used to the fact that, when concerning black humor, less is more.  When it comes to gore, however, more is just the beginning MWA HA HA HA!

Now, things are progressing - I have one last round of notes to do and then the script will be perfect to shoot.  Our round-table reading in December really helped me find those moments that needed clarification.  I think the second location scout will be good for the writing too, since I find it easier to create story while on set than on a blank computer screen.  Matt, Andy and I will be going up to the potential shooting location in a couple weeks to negotiate the production. I look forward to opting out of all that business and exploring the grounds with a pint in hand.  I mean, notebook.

I'm excited to see this site become Slavko Central, offering up not only a detailed production blog but fun extras from Love in the Time of Monsters' journey to existence.  When work is fun, work shall be done.

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