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It's always weird starting a new blog.  There's always that lingering question of how to start.  Should it be some generic welcome?  A classic, 'this is who I am' post?  Or maybe just a picture of a cat doing something cute?


And there you go.  See you next time!



Okay.  Maybe that's not the right way to do this.  Can we start over?

Howdy!  Welcome to Uncle Slavko's Fun Time Blog, I'm Matt Jackson, one of the brainchildren around these parts.  I enjoy cheap coffee, genre movies, blogging about comics, (*couCHEAPPLUGgh*) and, most importantly, making movies.

Welcome to ground zero for our next opus, the best horror comedy you'll ever see (when you see it!) and what will sure to be a sure fire classic, the tentatively titled:  Love in the Time of Monsters!

The journey thus far has been one full of pitfalls and false starts, certainly not something for the weak of heart.  One that starts with a comedy:  Background(ed).

Did I mention I was an 'award-winning' director?

It was 2005 when producer extraordinaire Andy Gunn suggested that we team up to shoot a (super) cheap feature film.  "It's time we take the bulls by the horn," I'm sure he probably said, "time we do what we set out to do when we came to Los Angeles."

He was right.  Mostly, anyway.  The script was good (written by the extremely talented Benj Goehner), but making a movie with no money in LA is cost prohibitive.  And that's putting it lightly.  So instead of shooting a full 90 minute feature, we expanded a scene from it into a full fledged short and start us on the path.

Two years, ten festivals, and four awards later, we were left with a strong short film, a stronger feature script, and not a lot to show for it.  The world of film and film finance, we discovered, is a harsh mistress.

Selling a situational comedy is about the hardest thing to do, ever.  While the movie played well everywhere it was shown, it was still quirky and off beat enough that it wouldn't really 'play' with everyone.  That right there is a death kneel when it comes to investors.  After all, why would you want to put your money into something that doesn't have the best chance of making that money, plus some, back?

It was time for drastic action.  It was with a heavy heart that we set Background(ed) aside and went searching for a suitable script in a genre that would 'play' in any market:  Horror.  Enter:  Michael Skvarla and Gigantopithecus DOOM.

Mike's first crack at the poster was pretty awesome.

We've since changed the title.

I've known Mike for a while, and always knew he had some zany ideas.  That said, I was not prepared for how awesome GD was.  Between the huge cast of characters, the rustic Americana setting, and a healthy dose of gore, I knew that this was a movie that HAD to be made.  that's not to say It wasn't without it's faults, that early draft, but I could see the movie it wanted to be and knew that together we could shepherd it to the promise land.

The next couple of years were a blur of notes, drafts, title changes, and too many bad horror comedy movies to shake a stick at to get the script to the near perfect form it's in now.  To the point where Andy approached me and said (something like) "It's time we take the bulls by the horn; time we do what we set out to do when we came to Los Angeles."

What can I say?  The man has an MO.

This brings us to today and this blog.  We're to the point that we're ready to start the next leg of this journey and would like you to join us.  At times it'll be fun, others it won't be, but it'll always be interesting.

Our intention is to get share this adventure with you.  Give you a bit of a peek into what goes on in the making of the making of a movie.

We don't want this to be a one sided affair though.  As we post ideas, commentaries, or whatever, we want to hear from you.  Your thoughts, ideas, ramblings, telegraphs, smoke signals, whatever, will always be welcome.

In the end, we want to make a movie that excites you as much as it does us.

I'm going to go on ahead, you catch up when you're ready.

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