Taking The Bull By The Horns (or Why We Do What We Do.)

Howdy folks!  My name is Andy, and I'm producing this movie we're calling Love in the Time of Monsters.  Thanks for checking out the blog; we're planning on packing it with all kinds of info about this grand adventure known as movie-making.  And that's really what it is, isn't it?

I heard one time that you know you've been in LA too long when you spend your time trying to impress people you don't like.  I completely agree with that sentiment, and this project comes out of my desire to surround myself with talented people who I actually like. Making movies, or any creative endeavor really, is a crapshoot; you do your best and hope the audience responds. By surrounding myself with great people like Matt and Mike,  at least I know I will enjoy the process, regardless of outcome.  (Don't worry though, we've got some awesome things planned for this project, I can't imagine it failing! Haha!)

Which brings my back to the blog.  I hope we can shed some light on the process of making a movie, from our humble perspective.  Feel free to add your opinions as you see fit.  Here we gooooo....


Andy Gunn

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