Genetics + Backbone

This week, I'd like to share with you some works that have influenced the development of Love in the Time of Monsters.  Before that, however, I guess you'd need to know more about the goddamn film itself!  Since we're still in the early stages of production I can't reveal specific details about LitToM's story but rather let you know what kind of tone and style and mood we're going for.

Love in the Time of Monsters is a Horror Action/Comedy, and the story is a familiar one - a group of ragtag survivors of a monster attack in a unique location overcome fears and/or meet horrible fates in trying to escape.   Simple, right?  It's that minimal backbone that allowed me to fill in the rest of the story details with colorful embellishment, and drawing from the sources below has created a film that is fun, tense, heartfelt and just plain brutal at times.

The main location and some of the characters of LitToM were influenced heavily by the satire of The Simpsons - I always most enjoyed the sight gags and schlocky Americana whenever they went to an expo or tourist trap.  The parody of Mystery Science Theater 3000, MAD Magazine, and the Jim Abrahams & the Zucker brothers films were snarky instructors of how audiences would honestly question what's going on in the plot no matter if they were conscious of it or not.

The monster threat - not the beasts themselves - was inspired by the B-movie campiness of Night of the Creeps and Killer Klowns From Outer Space.  Camp is the bit of bizarre fun that ties in nicely with terror and insanity to create a unique visceral thrill, so here's my obligatory Evil Dead and Dead Alive references.

Lastly, Shaun of the Dead made a huge impression on our film - not only for dark humor, or pacing, or how to work pop-culture references into the natural narrative, but mostly in regards to the potent simplicity of the British dialogue structure.  They can be so cruel with so few words, and I admire that.

Boiled down, it's basically a mash of John Carpenter's adventure, David Cronenberg's revulsion, and Edgar Wright's passion.  If I have confused you further, well, just think of it as an Aura of Mystery and go wild with speculation!

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