With a Little Help From Our Friends

When Matt and I tackled our first project together (Backgrounded), we had almost no money in order to complete it.  If you haven't heard, money is a pretty important piece of the moviemaking puzzle!  How the heck were we going to see our project come to fruition with so few resources?   Luckily, Matt and I realized we had something that most starting out filmmakers don't: a fairly large network of close friends in the  "Industry."  Basically at this point, we had been in LA long enough that we had formed friendships with talented people in just about every facet of production.

Of course most of our friends weren't doing what they really wanted to be doing yet.  We had a good friend toiling away as a Camera Assistant on Reality TV, and another working the switchboard at a low-budget Home Shopping Network clone run by the Russians, which are just two examples.  Matt and I talked to these guys and worked out a deal: they would work for less than normal, but they would get a "promotion."  So camera guy became our Director of Photography and HSN guy became our Key Grip.  That way everybody won!  We get much needed labor, and they get a bunch of experience doing what they really want to do.  In the end, we absolutely could not have done Backgrounded without their time, energy and talent.

One of my favorite things about Producing is giving awesome people a chance to do what they really want to do.  There's nothing quite like watching people on set who are just totally and completely in their element.  I'm really looking forward to building the team for LiToM, so stay tuned!

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