Final Revisions! Finally!

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Good news!  A few days ago I finished up on my really time-consuming editing side-project and immediately, joyously, switched gears to finally tackle the final revisions on Love in the Time of Monsters!  I've been waiting for this for a long time.  I rounded up Matt's notes, the audio from our reading back in December, my notepad, marked script, bar napkins, and turned hyperfocus right the F on.

There's always a concern of mine that I won't be able to get creatively inspired when I know I have to tackle a certain project but that wasn't the case with LitToM - I fell right back into that thing and hit it hard.  I had a major breakthrough a few months back that really sorted everything out - it was the reassignment of the fear paralysis.  So simple in hindsight, I know!  With that off Marla's back she's now more capable to fight to survive, grow as a character, and learn to love ... if she survives the night, that is!  (Spoiler:  She survives.  The twist?  The Earth stopped spinning so it's always night now.)

I also went way back into the script archives and read previous drafts, starting at the very first Gigantopithecus Doom in 2007.

I like to challenge my audience with a simple reading test before the film.

It was endearingly horrible.  I think that over the years there is not one original bit left from that first draft except, "I already saw Hudson Hawk this month!"  Alright, changing that now ...

The next step in revision process was to hack away as much redundancy or confusion as I could - Andy wants this condensed from 106 pages.  I'm finding that the feeling of success when compounding a scene's value outweighs the remorse of cutting a good bit.  Also, anything that sounds too expensive is going to have to get either cut, downsized, or performed off-camera.

Alright, so many hours in the day, gotta get back to work.  In the upcoming weeks I hope to throw you snippets of dialogue and deleted scenes, so check back next Monday for more Love in the Time of Monsters fun!

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