Gone Fishin’

Matt, Mike and I are headed up north for some location scouting this weekend! We'll try to keep you abreast to the goings on as they happen via our various twitter accounts (Andy's @gunnforhire, Matt's @platypusrobot, or Mike's @MichaelSkvarla) but service might be a might bit spotty up in the woods.

We'll try our best and might even manage to through up a post or two here over the weekend, internet gods willing. Or, if nothing else, we'll have a complete recap/update on things next week, quite possibly from three different perspectives.

See you soon, assuming we don't get eaten by crazed bigfoots...

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  1. That’s funny, suggestion Mike would use Twitter. You’re funny.

    • Matt

      He might, maybe, if he had a good reason to and a cell provider with decent coverage. Or, you know, not. The whole social media thing is a work in progress, we’ll get somewhere at some point.

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