“A fight I’d pay to see”

Interesting choice of words in last week's comments, alliecine! The whole entertainment industry is based around a fight that millions would pay to see, a fight with a story behind it, a fight between a Hero and a Villain.  These two characters possess completely different ideologies yet they compliment each other so well that they need each other to justify their own existence.  You see this in comic books all the time, and even that one movie about comic books - y'know, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.

I see this Hero/Villain dynamic whenever I work with Matt - he's a nice, honest, friendly guy so he's the Hero and I'm the angry, scowly, violent, dickhead Villain.  We compliment each other well, as I've always been Monster-centric and Matt's the guy who really understands the plight of our heroes and the emotions at stake.  I like putting people in horrible situations and Matt finds out how they mature while escaping.  I destroy, Matt creates.  Between each other we've got the story beats of Love in the Time of Monsters down pat to create a concise and emotionally fulfilling horror comedy.

However, this whole fight analogy doesn't really go too far - as much as Matt and I "conflict" we're both working towards the same goal and we don't care who wins or loses because if the project we're discussing is better off one way it's just plain better off that way.  I'm glad I sent him my baby and I have nothing but the best expectations for this film's development.  I'll still fight him on set, though, just ... just because.

Switching gears, (since I can't just end a blog post in just a couple paragraphs) I'd like to further elaborate on my role as Villain to discuss some, y'know, mean-guy stuff - coming back from Vegas this weekend through the traffic and the rain and even some snow I had a good chance to think about how many idiots there are in the world, and much those idiots suck, and what kind of Hells I'd like reserved for such idiots.

Wooers - being forced to Woo! constantly to keep away Woo-averse bees.  Once they cannot Woo anymore, the bees swarm into the Wooers throats to sting.  Also, the stings are filled with poison.  Being that this is Hell, the Wooers don't die, they have to keep Wooing through their horribly mutilated throats just to be in less pain.

People who drive slowly in the left lane - I don't know if this sin is committed from ego or ignorance but it has to stop.  Anyone who can read and anyone who has earned a driver's license must know SLOW TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT, yet the vast majority of drivers keep to the left lane at a cool 60 in a 70 zone.  Do they think that they are the leaders of the road and everyone behind them must follow their pace?  Or do they just literally not even know that they are doing something wrong?  They're either full of themselves or not paying attention, and neither of those conditions are forgivable.

The souls of these morons are put into a neverending hallway, where vicious dogs attack from one end.  As the idiot soul tries to escape the dogs, they are blocked by an invincible, immovable doppelganger of themselves (in a little car!) who goes very slowly down the hallway yet makes it impossible to pass.

Wait, no - what would be better is if the morons COULD with a little work get by their slow doppelgangers to escape the dogs, but then again later down the hallway they keep running into more and more doppelgangers, so it's more frustrating to escape when the dogs catch up.  Yeah, that'll show'em.

That's all the people I want to suffer right now.  Thanks for reading, puny mortals!

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