uuhhhhh ... blog post, eh?  Today?  I'm the writer though, I'm done with what I needed to do and now I can sit back while Director Jackson and Producer Gunn to take over, right?

Yes, yes that's right.

Well, mostly right ... mostly ... I'll be on set to provide rewrites, and I took it upon myself to handle the post production aspect of the project.  Since writing and editing are architecturally similar, and because of my experience as a TV Editor, I think I'm most suited to organize the hell out of LitToM's media.  Between then and now I'm sure I'll be roped into as many odd tasks as possible - gotta earn that Associate Producer credit after all.

Titles aside, my overall focus is to continually make LitToM increasingly better as often as possible.  Certain scenes that I swear by right now are going to bug me later on down the line and a tiny change of dialogue will necessitate a hefty restructure - believe me it's happened before, and thankfully it's usually for the better.

This "do what you can when you can" period is kind of difficult because there's no structure to it.  Whereas Matt has a script to storyboard and Andy has numbers to crunch my objective is just to simply "make it all better."  How's that chase scene on page 50?  It's good, but make it better.  Are the characters well flushed out and interesting?  Hell yeah they are, but hey I've got this idea - make them better!  Do we have jokes, action scenes, emotional moments, blood and guts and thrills and chills?  They're all there, just MAKE IT BETTER and for God's sake DON'T MAKE IT WORSE!

So, that's the pressure on me right now.

Script revisions aside, many other tasks we have before us will alter the project - casting, special effects, stunt choreography - but hey that's the industry and it happens.  We've got a lot on the table, and since I'm an easily distracted contrarian all this practical consideration of getting our first feature film accomplished has made me look at the spiritual aspect of the endeavor.  Like most filmmakers, I've had that "ever since I was a little kid I wanted to make a kickass monster movie" thing going for me, and now that this project is gaining momentum (and how!) I find myself in a focused enthusiasm that I can only assume is similar to those candidates of primal Trials of Manhood.  This is my - our - opportunity to prove our resourcefulness, strength, courage, uhhhh math I guess, and endurance and finally have 100 minutes of proof that we can contribute to society.

If we fail, well, at least we're a step up in that we probably won't get mauled by a tiger.

Back to doing nothing, thanks for reading.

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