New Team Members

As you can see from the post below, we had our first big production meeting yesterday.  Assembled were the key members of the production team: myself, Matt, Mike, Rob, Allison, and our mascot Bruno (Mike's dog).

The meeting began with a "State of the Union" given by yours truly.  Beyond the nuts and bolts of the project, I wanted to make sure everybody in the room knew how lucky I felt to have them there.  They say 50% of a director's job is casting: if you cast the right actors, your job is made much easier.  The same applies to producers; I wrote about the value of having quality people you trust in key positions here, but I had no idea the kind of  crack team we could assemble for this project.

So without further ado, let me officially introduce our Co Producer Allison Vanore and Line Producer Rob Overbeck!  Allison is an old friend of Matt and Mike's from the University of Arizona, and was a critical part of the Background(ed) team.  She has gone on to a successful producing career, having just completed the feature Hopelessly in June.  Rob worked with me at Paramount, and has been on multiple feature films (Transformers 2!) and in the production office at the late, great MGM.  Most importantly, both Allison and Rob are excellent people and work their tails off in whatever they do.  if you're in the trenches, they are exactly the kind of people you want next to you.  And at the very least, I always figured that if Rob could handle Michael Bay, he could handle me.  🙂

As far as the actual meeting goes, it was a lot of going over budgets, schedules, and things that need doing.  I loved it!  I'm kind of nerd about those sorts of things, and I enjoy learning from others about the stuff I don't already know about.  We've got a great plan we're putting in place, and we've got just enough time to execute it.  I've been really positive about this project from the moment the TBC said "go." Nothing that happened yesterday dulled that excitement in the least.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Dennis Hollingsworth

    Way 2 go….hope it is a successful venture!!!!

  2. Albert Miranda

    Great to see you all working together again, let us know if you need Hunter or Aiden Miranda in this new project. Hunter is currently doing a part in the Jungle Book for the Arroyo Vista Childrens Theater, and both Aiden and Hunter can be seen all over the web in the short, Kill Devil Hill.

    Albert Miranda

  3. Marsha Reiniers

    I am beyond impressed! Your blog makes me feel like I am in on the ground floor of something big…

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