More Less

Well, I'm back to doing hardly anything.  Word is I'm going to get some more financially-related story notes next week but until then I'm mostly task-less.  The only thing on my plate is to port the business plan info onto the investor's website that I've already built but that's mostly a cut-and-paste job.

Having been a DIY filmmaker for years, it feels odd when I have little to no responsibility, especially when everyone else involved in the project is working their asses off on their respective tasks.  Andy's finishing our business plan, Rob is breaking the script down, and Doug and Matt are currently dealing with the insane amount of casting decisions.  I could offer my opinions up and try to help out but in no way do I want to be "that guy" who goes from helpful to annoying really quickly.  Know your boundaries, Skvarla.

That being said, this week's post is light.  Hopefully I'll be more edutaining next week.

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