Director’s Homework


Welcome to my life for the next six months or so: The Breakdown Binder.

Created by our phenomenal line producer, Rob Overbeck, this bad boy breaks down each scene into it's component parts, from page numbers to specific props.  It's one of those documents (it is still a document when it's 177 pages long, right?) that's vitally important, incredibly useful, and really intimidating.  Makes you really think about all the crazy stuff you think you need to make the script truly work.  Or at least, work within the budget.

As scary as it is, I'm so incredibly grateful to have this beast.  It's helping me break my vision for the movie down into easier to digest chunks for both me and, ultimately, the rest of the crew which will be so incredibly beneficial in the months to come.  That isn't to say that I don't have a vision for the movie - Because of course I do, that's what directors do - but this helps turn those vague parts of that vision into something a bit more understandable for everyone involved.

Currently, I'm plowing through this thing to prep for a meeting with the Gunn and Mr. Overbeck to discuss potential budget issues to, in turn, throw them all at Mike and give him something to do.  Word on the street is that kid's looking for something to keep him busy, and I'd be happy to oblige.

Anyway, that said, I really ought to get back to it.  Lord knows what the Gunn'll do to me if I'm not prepped for said meeting.  But whatever, I'm a director, I live for that kind of pressure.

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