The Dark and Murky Forest Maze of Casting

#1 in a series of occasional guest blogs written by Love in the Time of Monsters team members:

Hello and greetings, all you readers of Uncle Slavko's Fun-Time Blog!  Let me introduce myself - I am the official casting director for LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS, Douglas Clayton.  And though I do not currently sport a beard myself, I do take some satisfaction in hoping that the beard I wore for several years inspired at least one of the beards now worn by our fearless leaders.
But to the point!  The casting process for LiToM has begun!

You might think that casting is simple - have some auditions, pick some talented actors, tell them you want them in the film, and presto!  Done!

Oh no my friends.  Not at all.  The path from delightful screenplay to a group of 30+ actors (plus extras) arriving on set is a long and circuitous one.  We have, however, already overcome the first obstacle and are in phase 2!

Casting Obstacle One: WHAT ARE WE HUNTING?

Imagine we have just entered a dark and misty forest.  Before we can take a single step, before we can address the wolves and monsters of the forest, we have to know what we're after - what do we want this cast to be like?  Are our heroines gorgeous Baywatch knockouts or girls-next-door?  Is Uncle Slavko overweight and bombastic, or twitchy and quirky?  And how Psycho do the Psychomonkeys have to be, anyway?

Where can we find these answers?  As the leader of this merry band who must penetrate this wood, I turn to my advisor - the wise old man who holds all the answers - the DIRECTOR.

"Mr Director - when you think of this character, who do you picture?"

If I'm lucky, I get a straight answer:  "Oh, that's totally Sean Connery."

If I'm slightly less lucky, I get: "Oh, the crazy, monstrous, child-devouring harridan?  Totally Julia Stiles."  Huh?

And on the bad days I get: "Oh, you know, someone good.  And famous."

But that's why they pay me the big bucks, folks!  Having now wrung a set of instructions from the wise old man (who is, to be fair, totally preoccupied with the rest of our party insisting he answer questions about things like money and cameras and stuff like that), we have begun to march into the casting forest, hunting our prey and watching out for dangerous animals.

Next time - We make our first asks, and learn the meaning of playing the 'slow game'.

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  1. Sounds awesome. I am afraid of the misty forest. But, it also sounds adventurous.

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