Announcing The Patrick Creek Lodge!

Back when Mike was working on an earlier draft of the script, he went on a scouting trip of his own into the Northern California redwoods.  (He details the trip here)  There he discovered the amazing Patrick Creek Lodge:


And now, two years later, Greg and Ellen have generously opened up their doors to us and I am able to announce the PCL as the main location for Love in the Time of Monsters!  With it's beautiful vistas, giant redwood trees and gorgeous rivers, it will be a wonderful place to shoot.    I know Matt is already licking his chops coming up with interesting ways to make use of all the interesting features of the lodge and surrounding area.

Inside the lodge.

Another advantage production-wise is the ability to stay, eat and shoot all in the same place.  It will be very efficient use of our time and money, allowing us to put more budgetary dollars directly onto the screen.  When you're producing an independent feature, it's very important to find ways to do this.  It will also be a little like summer camp (at least that's what I keep telling everybody!)

PCL in all its glory!

Check out the Patrick Creek Lodge website here.  It's a wonderful place to stay at when you want to fish, hike, or just relax.  We look forward to being there in the fall!

I have a feeling we might be spending some time here...

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  1. Mike Skvarla

    Awesome news!

  2. Dan Litzinger

    Dude, that’s great!

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