Day Jobbin’

Well, night jobbin' to be exact.  No, that's not a streetcorner-centric euphemism ... anymore ... it's what I'm back doing as of twenty minutes ago.  You'll find that everyone in the film industry has at least two jobs; their day job that pays the bills and their side work inches them slowly closer to their dream.  I've met some exceptions to the rule but they were either paid well enough to not care about anything else or fortunately already are doing their dream job, in which case hey pal good for you, do you need an assistant?

I've been unemployed since Halloween of 2010, and after sobering up I've spent from then until now working dedicatedly on Love in the Time of Monsters as much as possible.  I've gone through two script rewrites (soon to be 3, thanks to some people who are just doing their job of deciding what we can and can't afford, the punks) not to mention working on a couple other side projects that may pay off one day.  I watched as the months and holidays passed and my bank account dwindled from four digits down to three, then to two, then I don't know if it ever got to the single dollars because I'm too scared to look.

There's a trade-off you have to make for labors of love which inevitably leads to a day when you look at your dream and look at your bank account and have to decide which one to put aside for the other.  Having done it a couple times already, I can tell you that it gets increasingly easier to predict how long you can go before you have to look for work again.  Then, at least in my case, you get cocky and end up paying for it in overdraft fees.

The goal is of course to one day break into the industry in a big way so that you're able to do what you love and not have to worry about money.  However there's an appreciation to be found in the journey, as the saying goes.  You've got to plan ahead and make every day count because time is money and you're paying for every second of it.  It's a challenge, which makes the reward that much more satisfying.

Thus, I sit at a monster computer until dawn and take care of footage I'm not interested in so that I can earn a couple of paychecks and hope I never have to do it again.

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  1. John Johnston

    You could do what I do. You could finance your dreams of humiliating yourself by telling jokes in front of strangers by teaching kids how to throw a knuckleball.

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