The Money Men, Matt, and Me

Matt, Andy, and our Line Producer Rob met last week for over 7 hours and re-analyzed the latest Love in the Time of Monsters script with a super critical attention to detail - namely, financial detail.  I wasn't invited to this pow-wow, and I can totally see their reasoning for doing so - I would've been a dickhead, always arguing against cutting certain elements because they're so damn integral to the story!  In my pompous opinion, the latest draft of LitToM is a wonderfully designed labyrinth, and if you remove one card then BAM it all comes down like Jenga.

I carried a bit of this ego back to Matt and Andy when I poo-pooh'd their compiled notes.  I think most of it was just because I didn't want that much more work ahead of me - I've announced that I've finished the final draft of this script what, twice already on this blog?  Now there's more changes!?  Done means done, fellas!  WRITER ANGRY!!!

Then, as a good director should, Matt spent a couple hours with me talking out the revisions in detail.  The best progress came from extensive debates on character and, now that our location is set, realistic blocking.  As much as I love the material that the Producers and Director want - or rather, need - to alter, I have to realize that there's always a way to achieve the desired effect in a cost-effective context.

If I'm going to make writing for film my career I've got to learn to find the point of view of others so that the project benefits as a whole.  There's no room for ego here ... in Hollywood ... hahahaha.

So now I'm doing more work than I thought I would, but hey that's what it takes to make a successful project.  I may have coasted through high school, and college, and an editing career, but for your dreams you've got to go above and beyond what you even think above and beyond is.  It's got to exhaust you, and you've got to earn it, so cowboy up Skvarla and get it done.  Again.

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