The Great Wall


No major news on the script revision process other than I've finished all of the notes except one, which is to simply re-choreograph the entire final battle scene.  This is the balls-out crazy action fight sequence, each badass new action topping the last, and needless to say too expensive to actually shoot.  This is what I'm stuck on.

I'm a little anxious about changing it, it's by far the most important scene and it's gotta be good.  Gotta be cheap and clever.  Gotta make it intricate yet organic.  Gotta hit those emotional beats and hit them hard.  This scene is the culmination of 85 pages of a crazy experience and isn't going to end with a whimper.

Restructures take time to figure out, and it can get frustrating when solutions don't come quick.  I've learned to always keep a question in the back of my head, and more often than not things after a while it just eventually answers itself.  I like to try and have those "movie moments", where someone saying something innocuous will jumpstart a connection in my brain that cascades into a nifty idea, but it really almost never happens.

At a time like this it also helps to revisit earlier influences to see if any of that sparks any leads.  For this project in particular I've enjoyed the Lileks site of crazy tacky Americana travel destinations from the country's Golden Days as well as just soaking up some good old crazy vibes from The SCP Foundation.

Alright, going to look through the scout pics again and see if any of the Lodge's topography lends itself to monster containment, let you know how it goes next week.


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