Celluloid on Rye

I have this philosophy when it comes to making sandwiches: Thin to win.

I love piling the meat on high and melting a full block of cheddar as much as the next guy, but as I've come of culinary age, I've realized that too much of a good thing does not equal the greatest thing.  In fact, it equals the opposite.

Prepping for Love in the Time of Monsters, is a lot like making a sandwich.  There are a lot of great ingredients, tons of options, and millions of combinations that could result in the best sandwich ever, assuming of course, it's put together properly.  It's crazy nerve-racking.

Attempting to make a super awesome anything, it's very easy to get carried away with all the fun stuff to the detriment of the piece as a whole.  Let's take the much maligned and trying-really-hard-to-be-awesome, Zack Snyder epic Sucker Punch for an example.  Here was a movie that had a little bit for any and every geek in the world:  Giant robots, cute girls, machine guns, dragons, high powered trains, trolls, zombie nazis, zeppelins, mech suits, and Carla Gugino.  And that's exactly why it failed.


Case in point.


Instead of being satisfied with just one or two of these super delicious ideas, Snyder opted to throw all of those ideas into a blender and ended up with an inedible mush.

You see, what happens when you throw all that awesomeness together isn't that things get more awesome, it's that things get boring.  You have to balance out those big epic scenes with those "boring" character scenes to really make them work, not just on a visual level, but an emotional one.  It's something that I think Zack Snyder forgot while he was adding in the third giant samurai robot to fight the samurai sword wielding school girl that was the main character.

I'm all for awesome things in movies - Hell, that's why I watch movies! - but sometimes the best awesome movies are the ones that only give me the taste of it, so I can appreciate just how good those moments are.

So.  Here I am, doing my best to make the most satisfyingly awesome sandwich I can.  I can't wait for you to taste it.

**NOTE: I realize the obsolete nature of the title, but for the life of me, I couldn't think of a good digital equivalent to celluloid.  I'm sorry, but "SD Cards on Sourdough", "H264 And Jelly", and "BLT in HD" just didn't have the right ring to 'em!

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