Cut the Nightmare

Greetings, readers.

First off, how cool is this news about Kane and Doug!?  It fills me with a bit of childish exuberance to know I'll be working with these awesome performers, however I predict they're going to get tired of me quick as I wake them up each morning by bellowing "MOVIE MONSTERS ASSEMBLLLLLLLLLLE!" in the Patrick Creek Lodge parking lot.

Now, onto the literary side of things - a few days ago I let you faithful readers know that I finally had another breakthrough in terms of restructing the final scene of Love in the Time of Monsters, but as of yet nothing has been committed to paper.  Matt was gracious enough to set some time aside to meet me last night and chat about my plans so that we can finally nail this scene and get it done right and all at once.  As I've said before, Matt and I work well together because we can each see different sides of things, possibilities and ideas that are unique to our own ways of thinking.  Also, we both drink at a similar pace so that helps too.

I ran my ideas by him and as I predicted when we got to the one issue with the scene that screwed everything up, Matt made the call to cut it.  That little bit was such a logistical nightmare that, although full of emotional punch, it wasn't worth the time to coordinate both in script, on set, and in post.  There's just so much possibility for fun stuff in Love in the Time of Monsters that we have to be judicious in what we decide to actually keep and what is just another Murdered Little Darling.

Now that Matt and I have chatted I'm going to attack this script for the last time ... THE LAST TIME, GUYS ... and should have it done over the weekend.  I've gotten a little tired of posting how "done" I am every couple of weeks so maybe next Tuesday I'll just post a picture of a smile and thumbs up.

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