Filmmaking By Way Of Hardware

Everybody has a story with how they got to where they are going.  Matt shared his a couple of weeks ago, and I know all the people on the LiToM team have a unique story to tell as well.  Seriously, to end up in a crazy business like movies, you have to have an interesting background, right?

I come from a family of retail.  Hardware more specifically:  I grew up pricing spray paint, organizing nuts and bolts, and counting change.  The old fashioned way (by hand!), because my dad always made sure I didn't "cheat" and use the register to tell me what change to give.  It was quite a sight, I was like 8 years old, barely able to see over the counter, counting back change to customers.  It seemed like such an odd thing at the time; it would have been easy to just let me type in the change like everybody else. But that's the thing, my dad never wanted me just to do something, he wanted me to understand why I was doing it and how it worked.  That way if something unusual came up, I wouldn't be thrown off and I would know what to do. Didn't hurt that it was great math practice everyday either!

It's a long a windy road getting from being a kid counting change to producing a feature film.  But the lessons my dad taught me (and still is!) have been pretty consistent through the years.  He's always helped me become a more independent and (hopefully) wiser person. Whether he knows it or not, he's a big reason why I'm here, still pricing spray paint (set decorations), organizing nuts and bolts (lighting packages) and counting pennies.

Happy father's day!


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  1. Duane Eickhoff

    Andy, just said Hi to your parents at the store and your mom asked if I kept up on Love in the Time of Monsters (I bet your mom taught you a few things too, but it was a Dad’s Day moment on your blog and the photo is priceless). You guys are on to something big—hope it keeps snowballing! – Duane Eickhoff

    • Andy G.

      Thanks Mr. Eickhoff! Go back and look at my Mother’s Day post; mom got props too 🙂

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