It’s Alive!

This past weekend, a good portion of the LiToM team sat inside on a beautiful North Hollywood day and held our first audition sessions!

For me, auditions are by far one of the most exciting parts of pre-production.  For the first time, you get to see characters you've been imagining your head come to life!  Especially with a script like Love in the Time of Monsters that I have been reading parts of going on three years, I couldn't wait to see what the actors did with these crazy characters.

We saw lots of good performances, and a few really good ones-which is pretty amazing considering most of these actors hadn't seen their sides (dialogue) for very long and only have a basic idea of their character's story arc.  Of course, our goal is to find the best actors we can, because with veterans like Kane Hodder and Doug Jones on the set, you strive to keep that level of excellence going across the board. Nothing is worse than getting that one actor who just doesn't cut it and takes you out of the movie.  With the kind of talent on display yesterday, I have no fear of this happening.

It seemed like the actors were having a good time too.  We try to keep it professional and fun "in the room" just like we will on set, and it's nice to see the actors respond to that vibe.  I also think they enjoyed reading some scenes that had actual characters and relationships going on, which isn't always the case for horror movies.

Of course, you always get at least one true weirdo at every auditon- it's a fact of nature.  It's always really awkward in the room when it happens, but really funny afterwards. Now I'm not naming names here, but the following video gives you an idea of what a wacky audition feels like:

Well, maybe our auditions had a few less kicks and combat rolls involved, but you get the idea.  We have more auditions coming up this week, so stay tuned to the blog for a lot more casting updates!

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