The Look of Love in the Time of Monsters

When making a movie as unconventional as Love in the Time of Monsters, it's important to stack the deck with as many like minded people as you can.  For me, it's crucial that those key set positions be filled with the men and women who understand the kind of movie we're making and can utilize their expertise to make it even better.

And I'm lucky enough to have found a Director of Photography who is all that and armed with one of the nerdiest phones I've ever seen:  Mr. Jayson Crothers.

The story goes that Jayson is an old friend of Andy's from way back in middle school.  From what I understand, they became fast friends before Jayson had to move away a short time later.  As the years went by they stayed in touch and eventually reunited in Los Angeles, where Andy pitched him to me and the rest is history.  After one lunch with the guy, I felt like I had known him for years and that's always a good sign.

Professionally, Jayson has shot a total of 17 features - including the upcoming Horror movie Last Stop and the Indie classic Leaving Barstow (Which I saw at the 2008 Breckinridge Film Festival)- along with plenty of shorts and countless commercials.  And when not shooting pictures, he's teaching others how to do it via seminars and various workshops around the country.  He's got so much knowledge and wisdom when it comes to making movies, it's practically spilling out his ears.  The man is a creative powerhouse  and a definite asset to Love in the Time of Monsters.

His love for the medium is apparent as we discuss the visual style of the picture.  He isn't just interested in getting a pretty shot or just a good shot, but instead wants each shot to carry with it the context of emotion that the actors are delivering.  He's there to make the best movie possible, not bolster his reel.  Truly it's the mark of a great talent.

I couldn't ask for a better right hand when it comes to making this movie a reality.  There's still a lot of work before us, but with such an immense talent by my side, I'm positive every thing's going to turn out great!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to work.

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