On Happy Birthdays and Excitement

It's been an intense, exciting week here at Love in the Time of Monsters, sorry we've been a little incognito.  Trust me, it's all going to be worth it when you hear about the exciting pieces and plans the team has been putting together.  This movie is really shaping up in kick ass fashion!

I do have a little admission to make: our fine director and finer person Matt Jackson had a big time birthday this weekend. I'm not going to say which one (let's just say it's in-between 25 and 35), but we threw him quite the shindig.  We did one of those "gift exchange" things where everybody brings a present, picks a number and exchanges/steals presents from one another.  With around 30 presents, it was quite epic.  Nerf guns, shotglasses, slinkys and fake mustaches ruled the day, and I'm proud to say my collection of Marvel keychains (including Captain America's Shield!) ended up in the birthday boy's grubby little hands.

It's great to have a bunch of awesome people around no matter what you are doing, whether it be celebrating your birthday or making a movie. I think it reflects on the kind of guy that Matt is that he surrounds himself with quality friends.

Happy birthday Matt, and here's to a great year!  Below is a photo from later in the evening, in which a partygoer attempts to use one of those "grabber arms" (a gift from earlier in the night) to quench Matt's thirst for wine coolers...

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