Happy Labor Day Weekend

Ah, Labor Day.  What once was the bane of my young existence, is now a welcome reprieve to the rigors of a weekly routine. 

Yes, with the holiday upon us, I'm taking the opportunity to get outta Dodge and spend a few days deep in the wilderness.  Not too deep, mind you - camping is for the birds! - instead I'm headed up to Big Bear Lake with the FutureWife for a little R and R, Rest and Researching.

That's right, even though I'm trying to take a weekend off (don't listen to the detractors, it's totally deserved) I'm still going to be focused on the look of Love in the Time of Monsters.  While it's not a perfect match for the majesty that is the Patrick Creek Lodge, Big Bear Lake serves as a much more accessible stand in for the proceedings.  I'm looking forward to taking notes on the ambiance, snapping tons of pics, and getting mentally prepared for our scout in a scant ten days.  It should be tons of fun.  Or at least something different.

In the meantime, I hope all of you are able to take the same kind of break this weekend (hopefully with less work involved though) and do so safely.  Be it with a small BBQ or a full on vacation, I wish you a happy, fun-filled, drama-free Labor Day weekend.

Unless you're 8 years old.  In which case, I'm sorry for your loss of freedom.

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