Happy Anniversary to Me!

One of the things I didn't mention last week when I was gushing about all the cool Kane Hodder stuff was my own personal milestone: My eight year LAnniversary.

It's hard to believe that it was eight years ago that two college friends and I loaded our lives up and set out to the City of Angels. With no connections to speak of and film degrees under our belts, we were ready to take this town by storm. You know, just like every other kid who moves to Hollywood.  And just like every other kid, we found it way harder to make a splash than we anticipated.

Here the dinosaur represents Los Angeles.  It's out of scale-ness represents how we underestimated it.

As we arrived in Los Angeles (Glendale, to be specific), we did what we could to get a job. Which, basically, entailed us going up to the doors of major production companies (the ones that weren't on studio lots, of course) and sliding our resumes under the front door. Shockingly, when that didn't work, we moved on to cold calling and asking. Strangely that didn't work either.

I ended up taking a job to pay the bills at a local, big chain book store a month later, opting to to production work on the side when it popped up. It seemed reasonable and more it helped me survive financially in this crazy, expensive new city. I was pretty satisfied with my choices, for the most part, until that Thanksgiving.

Unable to get out of Los Angeles for an extended period, I was forced to spend Thanksgiving away from my immediate family. Instead I travelled to San Diego to mingle with my extended (and pretty awesome) family. It was here, as I recounted my experiences thus far, that my Uncle Mike gave me the advice that crystalized my vision for the future.

"What you're doing [getting a job, paying the bills, etc] is very responsible," he told me in his kind, matter-of-fact way, "But - and don't tell your Dad this - if I were you, I'd just go for it. You're in Los Angeles to make movies, so you should do that. Live off of ramen as long as you can, don't go out as much, whatever it takes, just don't do things that you can do somewhere else instead of doing what you can only do in LA."

Two weeks later I quit my job and was on my way to my first freelance production job in Vegas with a renewed vigor for my chosen profession. It was terrible pay and a horrible shoot, but it didn't matter, I was doing what I wanted to do. In the years since I've had my fair share of triumphs and more than enough disappointments, but throughout I've never lost my focus on what I want out of this town. I use everything as a learning experience and just add it to my growing knowledge of how this town works and how to make it work for you. And at the end of the day, on my actual eight year anniversary, this is where it led me:

I'm going to pretend I was saying something really profound here and not just blabbering about Star Trek.

Hanging out with a Horror Legend as he gets his face cast for the feature that I'm directing. If that isn't pretty badass, I don't know what is.

Looking towards the future, I'm even more excited. From the crazy talented crew (most we have yet to announce, but are seriously awesome) to the astonishing cast (including the ones that we haven't talked about yet), Love in the Time of Monsters is shaping up to be a crazy time success and I'm humbled to be at it's helm.  It's been a long time coming, and I can't wait to give it my all.

So here's to the next eight years being as good, or better, than the last.  CHEERS!

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  1. Katrina

    Cheers to you, for working your butt off for years and finally seeing some rewards for it!

  2. Jesse Wright

    You guys are awesome and it’s fantastic that your hard work and passion is finally paying off. Here’s to following your dreams. Congrats.

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