The Scout 2.0 Recap

HEY!  Didja hear that we went up north last weekend?  Yeah, I thought you might have.

Let me tell you, there's nothing quite like a high-impact injection of pre-production like that to really get your motor running.  For nearly 72 hours it was nothing but talking about Love in the Time of Monsters and it was AWESOME.  And I couldn't have shared the trip with a greater group of people.

At 9am Friday Morning, we all piled in Andy's rented minivan for the big trip.  The first six hours or so were full of breaks - for food, gas, and otherwise - and a real leisurely 'roadtrip' feel until we realized how much farther we had to travel.  We'll just say that to say it's a long trip is an understatement and leave it at that.

We finally made it to the lodge safely around 11pm Friday night and instantly got to work.  Well, after getting a nice cold beer from the bar, of course.  Rob Overbeck, on point as ever, immediately taking in the layout of the lodge and asking questions about how we would shoot the place.  It was over a few beers that I took some of the guys around the grounds to give them an idea of what we'd be shooting in a few short months.  I think they were suitably impressed.  Some relaxing, non-scouting drinks later, we were off to bed, ready for the big day.

The Scout proper started early with a big breakfast and an excitement to see this magical place.  Having a rough idea of where things would take place thanks to the previous scout we did in March, I played tour guide for the group.  Systematically, we found, discussed, and lightly blocked all of the locations outside of the lodge before lunch.  We discovered trouble spots, found solutions, and in very loose terms, 'made the movie'.  It was everything you want on a scout and more!

After lunch we made the journey to the Trees of Mystery where we basked in the manly glow of Paul Bunyan and pondered who decided to make Babe anatomically correct.  And of course, the clarion call of consumerism took hold, forcing us to buy some goodies from the gift shop.  I don't know about you, but my life feels much more complete after buying that map of bigfoot sightings in the area.

That night was filled with another fantastic meal from the Patrick Creek Lodge, a few more beers, and some great conversations about filmmaking.  We bonded talking about influences, experiences, fears, and just a general love for the medium.  It made me realize that if I was going to be stuck in a lodge for four weeks with some random people, I'm so very glad it would be this group of random people.

Sunday brought about a quick last minute location scout before hopping in the van for the long drive home.  We opted to take the more scenic route down the 101 this time and it did not disappoint.  From the gorgeous redwoods to the kitschy roadside attractions, it was the perfect way to end the trip.  We even passed a place that is remarkably like Slavko's:

Finally, in a rental car lot in Burbank, we all made like Steve Perry and went our separate ways, tired but confident in a job well done and anxious to get back up there for real.  For all of us, Love in the Time of Monsters became one step closer to being a reality and we'll be damned if we don't make it happen.

Before I go, I want to thank everyone who checked in on us all weekend.  Nothing gives you more motivation to keep going than seeing waves of digital support.  It really meant a lot to all of us.

If your interested in more pictures and such from the trip, make sure you check out our Facebook page.  Not only is it a great place to get quick information from us, but we're going to start putting up some Facebook only content to make it worth your while.

Stay tuned, the fun stuff is right around the corner.

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