Lost in Graphic Design

This has been my life for the past week:

imageGlamorous, ain't it?

Bereft of a graphics department here at TBCfilms, I opted to do the heavy lifting for the impending EPK DVD that we've been putting together over the past few weeks.  Boy, what was I thinking?

It's not that graphic design isn't fun, but the tiniest details try their damnedest to detract from it.  From wrestling with the title safe guidelines, finding a correct font, and tweaking the minutiae of the spacing, it's enough to drive a man insane.  It's one thing to figure out a nice striking design in general, and an entirely different beast to tweak it to perfection.

So far so good though, as the designs I've come up with are generally liked and ain't too shabby looking (if I do say so myself).  At present the only thing slowing me down is the actual process of formating all the information we have to fit the confines of a title-safe frame.  That said, as fun as it is, I do believe that when it comes to the real thing (coming fall of 2012, I hope) I'll happily let someone else take the reins.

Until then, I have a few more menus to create before I can call it quits.  And then I have to make a test DVD...  And then hope there are no tweaks that need to be made...  And then wrestle with the actual footage.

*SIGH.  Looks like I figured out what I'm doing for the Halloween Weekend....


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  1. Katrina

    As soon as this EPK is over, no more dvds for you! Someone else (*cough*) can deal with all the fun stuff later, leaving you free to be the director.

    BTW: You should dress as a director for Halloween! Though I explained your other idea to someone at work and he loved it.

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