Happy Day After Thanksgiving!

Happy National 'Get Out and Shop' Day!  The greatest day for retailers this side of Christmas Eve, where people indiscriminately buy two dollar waffle irons at 3am because dammit, that's freedom.

I know, I know, I should have posted something yesterday, but you know how it is.  Between the family, friends, and fun (not to mention the glorious mountains of delicious food) there was just no time to sneak away to drop a little holiday cheer on ol' Slavko Fun Times.

There's something great about holidays like this that just recharge my soul.  After a stressful couple of months (and a hectic couple of weeks at a new job), it was great to slip into the old traditions and share some laughs with family members I see far less than I should. From general catching up to dissecting the greatest Friday the 13th movie, the holiday has done wonders in rejuvenation.

So here I sit, contemplating another turkey sandwich, and feeling good about the future.  Talking about the progress on the movie makes me realize just how far we've come and gave me pause to be proud of the journey thus far.  We've come a long way since we've started this crazy project and while the road ahead is still daunting, it's nice to take the time to reflect.

And, if you ask me, there's no better time to reflect on the past then when you're standing in line to buy cheap, one-off kitchen appliances.  It beats thinking about how early you got up, at least.


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