Wisdom And Experience

Hope everybody out there had a great Thanksgiving and is finally over their food coma.  It's an open question whether I am or not... Add to this fact that I became a year older over the weekend, and I may never rise out of bed again (those old bones, ya know 🙂

Supposedly as you get older you "magically" become more wise and experienced.  However, I've found that the wisdom et al comes from getting out in the world, digging into to a project, and seeing what happens.  Good or bad, the experience you gain is immeasurable.  This is definitely true of my movie producing career, and especially Love in the Time of Monsters.  I feel like I've learned more in the past year producing this film than I did in all my producing classes put together.  You add that all up and it equals it pretty great year.  And next year is going to be even more wild and interesting I'm sure!

So happy birthday to me and LiToM.  Here's to experience, wisdom, and another great year!

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