Concept Art: The PsychoSquirrel

As we've alluded to over the past few months, Love in the Time of Monsters isn't just about guys in Bigfoot costumes and the girls that love them.  I mean, that's a big part of the movie, sure, but it's not the only bullet we got in our gun.  In addition to these costumed performers, our heroes will have to deal with psychotic, mutated woodland creatures.  With that in mind, I present to you our concept of a PSYCHOSQUIRREL:

Pretty badass, right?  I know I wouldn't want to run into these guys while taking a leisurely hike through the woods.

Much props to the immensely talented Ryan Vogler for lending his brush to the cause and bringing this tiny murder machine to life.  I can't wait to see how Pendergraft brings him into the physical world.

For more of Ryan's work, make sure you check out his Deviant Art page.  And for more about Love in the Time of Monsters, make sure to befriend us on Facebook or follow us on twitter.

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