In the Pink

I never knew until lately that drafts of scripts are referred to as colors - it always made sense to me to call the final script, "the Final Script" and then if it needs tweaking, "the Final Script with revisions."  Right?  Well here at Love in the Time of Monsters we've gone so far from Blue to Blue With Revisions to Pink.  Apparently that's just the tip of the spectrum.  Who knew?  Many people, actually.

I was chatting with my friend Eli at a Holiday Party the other night and his experience in the industry opened my eyes a bit more.  "Just wait," he said, "until you're on double colors.  Double Yellow, Double Green, and then after that you start making up new colors so one day everyone needs the latest Double Goldenrod."

It wasn't a revelation that a writer's job is never done, but it sure kept me humbled.  You can re-read how excited I was to finish previous drafts which is great and all but now I envision the rest of my work being rainbow of tweaks filtered through the prism of causality.  Also there is a financial aspect to that metaphor, let's call it the beam of capability.

To complete the metaphor, the black void represents L.A. Duh.

Backing up a bit, here's the news on the Pink Draft - after primary breakdowns from our department heads and the American Film Market blitzkrieg we here at TBC Films had a better grasp of what Love in the Time of Monsters needed to be, and more importantly cost.  There were a couple of scenes in the film that made our Line Producer, Rob Overbeck, literally cringe - not because of how bad they were (which they totally aren't) but how practically difficult it would be to pull off on our budget.

Love in the Time of Monsters is all about being as powerful as possible as inexpensively as possible, so these cringe-worthy events had to not only be revised but hopefully even amplified in emotional resonance.  Thanks to Matt's Vision Quest a couple weeks back we worked out some amazing solutions through collaboration, and I've been wrestling with the last bit of changes solo ever since.  As I've boasted before, I'm way happy with the results that makes this draft is cleaner and tighter than ever.

The plan from here is to get more accurate budget breakdowns from the department heads so we can know exactly how much we can splurge on the PsychoMoose.  It's all coming together ... next year is going to be a hell of a climax.

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