A Look Back

Happy New Year Everybody!  Hope you had a great holiday and had chance to reflect on the accomplishments and events of 2011.  With that in mind, I dug through the Love In The Time Of Monsters archives and pulled out some big blog posts from the first year of the blog.  Without further adieu here are the Slavko-approved highlights:

Matt Talks About The Secret To Low Budget Filmmaking

Mike Goes Off About Wes Craven

Andy Learns To Love Distribution

Matt Becomes A Better Director By Watching Bad Movies

Andy Attends A Vision Quest

Mike Gets Into MonsterVision

Matt Announces Kane Hodder Casting

Andy Announces Doug Jones Casting

Mike Goes All Pink Floyd

Matt Tries To Make Jason Voorhees Funny


Hope you enjoy looking back as much as I did.  Don't be afraid to dig in a little deeper, we had over 150 posts this past year!

Don't forget to find us on twitter or facebook to keep the updates coming.  Will Love in the Time of Monsters cause the apocalypse?  Stay tuned and find out!


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