Mistaken Identity

As we wrap up final casting for Love in the Time of Monsters, an interesting old issue has popped up. Back when I first started producing films, I "checked into" my name, to see if anyone else had already been using it professionally.  It's the same process for many people who work in LA (actors, writers, etc), you want to see if somebody famous has "taken" your name and, well, made a name for themselves.  If they have, you might want to think about using a different version of your name as to not be the 2nd (or 7th) down the list.  I assume people with the last name Smith are nodding their heads right now.

Anyway, no one had yet produced a movie with the name Andy Gunn, but there was an Andrew Gunn out there. In fact, a pretty prolific and well-known one. Andrew Gunn had produced films for Disney, starting with The Country Bears:

And Sky High (starring blog favorites Kurt Russell and Bruce Campbell):

So besides calling Andrew Gunn up and asking if I could be his "mini-me" assistant I figured I would just go it alone as Andy Gunn. That was that until one day, I opened up my mailbox and there was a postcard with an actor's headshot on it.  The card read something to the effect of: "Hey Andrew, hope you remember me from The Country Bears, I'd love to work on something with you again!"  This was pretty amazing, because I never could figure out why this actor hadn't put it together that a major movie producer wasn't living in a small apartment in Sherman Oaks.  Ha.  I laughed a bit, but that was the end of my impersonation of Andrew Gunn...

...until we started casting LiToM.  Once again, I received e-mails from actors proclaiming that they had worked on The Race To Witch Mountain and hoping to repeat the experience.  Flattered as I am, I'm sending out a message to all actors: I AM NOT ANDREW GUNN OF BEDTIME STORIES FAME, I'M JUST A GUY TRYING TO MAKE A KILLER (GET IT?) HORROR-COMEDY.

Hopefully someday I'll make it to where Andrew Gunn has.  In the meantime, I hope I don't need to start a website like this guy

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