How could we resist?

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  1. Ooo! You guys took the scenic route home. Love the Lunberjack Cafe. Spoke about you at the Del Norte Economic Sumit today. Everyone is so excited you’re coming and I have a list of volunteers, extras, and film groupies as long as my arm. Front page of the Triplicate today…above the fold. LITM is getting more press than that ‘other’ feature film. Congratulations to the Golden Boys and Girl. You guys did good. Happy to be working with you…even if you did wake me up in the middle of the freakin’ night. I admit 11:00pm is late only if you’re old, hungry, cranky, loathe Nancy Grace, and not quite drunk enough to pass out. Kudos again…you were a class act. Looking forward to the monsters returning to the forest. oxox P

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