Crescent City Luncheon/Press Conference

While on the scout up north, we had an opportunity to meet with the Chamber of Commerce and local powers-that-be in Crescent City, CA, which is the largest city near to our shooting location.


It was a wonderful experience, and I even got to use my long lost Speech Communication degree (Yeah!)  We were able to share information about the project, gain helpful volunteers and really share the love that we have for the area and residents.

The room.

I don't think it could have gone better, and I'm really looking forward to sharing the beauty of the area with the world in Love and the Time of Monsters!

The Team discussing the ins-and-outs of bigfoot with local leaders.

(Special thanks to Cassandra Hesseltine at the Del Norte Film Commission for setting things up!)

Below is our official Press Release:

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  1. BT

    The last picture is awesome. It looks like the man is pitching you guys the advantages of wearing a leather jacket.

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