The Icing on the Cake

As Andy mentioned yesterday (and I'm sure you could tell from all the pictures this week), the scout went smashingly.  And certainly one of the highlights was participating in our very first Love in the Time of Monsters press conference with the fine people of Crescent City.  Lemme tell you, nothing quite vindicates the amount of work your putting into something like a show of community support.  But that wasn't the best part!  Check out what we saw the next morning while getting breakfast:

FRONT PAGE!  Above the fold, even!  Holy crap that was exciting to see.  How exciting?  Well, just check out our reaction to it:

Surely, it's a high watermark for the production and just the thing we needed to supercharge us going into the production.

If you'd like to read it yourself, you should head on over to the Del Norte Triplicate and check it out.  It's a pretty alright read, if you don't mind your socks getting blown off!

The good times keep on rolling, so make sure you're checking us out on the various outlets (like the Twitter or the Facebook) to be right there with us for all the excitement that's yet to come!

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  1. So cool. Congrats on making the front page.

  2. Katrina

    Congrats Guys! Love that picture of you – if the locals couldn’t tell you were from LA by talking to you, they certainly figured it out then!

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