The ‘Love’ in Love in the Time of Monsters

Doug Clayton, our Casting Director extraordinaire, brings us this update!


So hey folks - you've been seeing lots of posts lately about the crazy-cool special effects and monstrousness of the film, but you may have noticed a notable lack of the 'LOVE' part of the story on Uncle Slavko's blog.  Never fear - what horror comedy would be complete without some romance and an old fashioned love triangle or two?
And while we're at it, let me introduce three of our fabulous cast who you may have been hearing rumors about - but all without giving away too many of the juicy details that you'll get to experience when you watch the film in its glorious entirety.

First, let me introduce you to CHESTER, our mountain-man extraordinaire, played by the stunningly versatile HUGO ARMSTRONG.

Hugo has been a fixture of the Los Angeles acting industry (both on film and on stage) for years, bringing his towering frame and his heart of gold to an incredible diversity of characters, including a recent turn onstage at the Mark Taper Forum as Lucky in the classic WAITING FOR GODOT.  He's also won the top stage acting award in Los Angeles - the Ovation Award - twice, once for playing a sadistic worker in a meat-packing plant, and once for playing a gleefully comedic Tiger, complete with fur, etc.

Hugo has the incredible versatility needed to both sell the threatening Bigfoot hunter that Chester is, but also to win our hearts with his pining for his long-lost love, MARIANNA, played by the stunning and talented SHAWN WEATHERLY.

You may recognize Shawn as a Miss Universe winner, or from Baywatch... so it's no surprise that our Chester has been sitting in a lonely forest cabin pining for her for more than two decades.

Sadly, back in the 1980's (25 years before present day in our film), at the height of Chester's youthful virility and Marianna's dewy vibrancy, something went wrong in their relationship.  What exactly happened, we may never know, but the result was that Chester fled into the mountains, and Marianna married the powerful and confident Croatian entrepreneur SLAVKO.  (He wasn't anyone's Uncle back then.)

Slavko is, was, and has always been a charming, creative fellow in search of a better life.  This continuing search brought him from his native home in eastern Europe to the redwood forests of Northern California, where he met and fell in love with Marianna, and committed himself to winning her hand and establishing a magnificent home for them that could dominate the lush countryside.  Enter 'Uncle Slavko's Family Fun-Time Lodge'.

When casting Slavko, we needed an actor who could play all sides of this complex fellow - who could be threatening and funny, welcoming and dominating - and who could be the strong third leg in this monstrous stool of love for the film.  Matt and the producers looked at many actors for the role, without feeling like we'd found the right person, until one day someone said "What about MICHAEL MCSHANE?"  Matt leapt out of his chair - the 'Eureka' moment had arrived.

For those of you who don't know Michael McShane, he's an improvisational actor from way, way back, and was first prominently presented to international audiences on the original British version of 'Who's Line is it Anyway?', where he tore it up regularly.  (I personally can never forget an improvisational song he once sang about a serial killer chicken with a drill gun - but I digress...)  Since those days, he's also notably been seen in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves (as Friar Tuck!), heard as several voices in A Bug's Life, and seen onstage in LA as a member of the Antaeus Company - one of LA's leading classical theatre ensembles.

So once Matt realized that Michael McShane was our SLAVKO, there only remained the process of getting a hold of Michael and convincing him to take the role.  Thankfully, he's a horror film fan too, and is excited to be a part of LOVE IN THE TIME OF MONSTERS - so much that he's coming up for the entire shoot - watch for him in the 'behind the scenes' footage!

So now you've met our love triangle - and though we may never know what really happened with Slavko, Marianna and Chester in the 1980s, in just a few short days they'll all be together again on set, and we'll get to see how things all play out in the new chapter of their relationships - with a few drooling monsters thrown in!


Andy Note: We're leaving to go shoot this sucker in like 3 days!  Time to subscribe to the blog, fb page, twitter feed and youtube page.  Don't delay-who knows what excitement awaits us (and YOU) in the next month!

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