Don’t Worry, We’re Alive!

Hey all, it's Allison Vanore, the other producer on this behemoth of a film. I killed Andy Gunn and left him for dead in the woods... and stole his blog password to write to you - because doing a post today is that important.

I wanted to check in with you all to tell you, we're alive and shooting like crazy.  Our internet and cell access is extremely limited so it's been hard to get the word out.  Rest assured, we are shooting some cool ass stuff!  Yesterday Kane Hodder arrived on set, and as you can imagine, he brought a level of intensity that only Kane can bring.  We can't wait to show you what we've got... but not yet!  That would spoil all the fun.  And Andy, Mike and Matt might kill me.  Or send Kane Hodder to kill me.  Let's skip that.

Anyway, here is a photo from our night shoot today (Day 3) from the "Overlook" courtesy of Mustache Turner and Eagle Turner.  Inside joke.  See how intense Matt Jackson is?  He's working his butt off and so is our amazing cast and crew.  We couldn't have chosen a more creative, professional and talented group of people to spend 3 weeks with in the woods.


More soon!

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