Swampy Scowly

Hi all!

We've been shooting, living, eating, sleeping and more shooting at the Patrick Creek Lodge for 3 days now but it seems like it's been our home for, like, ever.  The crew is getting along great and the locals have been nothing but welcoming.  Greg and Ellen, the owners of the lodge, have been serving up hot meals and cold beverages.

Can't write too much, gotta get back to work.  However, the new video by Ben Turner will speak more than I ever could.

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  1. JoAnne S.

    SO proud of you guys…Mikey, Matt, Alison, and Andy as well as the rest of the gang! And a special HELLO to Mike McShane, I’ve been a fan since Whose Line a zillion years ago, as I’m sure Mike has told you! I wish you all well…such a great experience!
    Mike’s Mom

  2. Looks like a great cast and a real blast! Hope it translates to great success at the box office and all are rewarded for their efforts!

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