Come See Bigfoot!

by Allison Vanore

What would an All-American Lodge be without a Bigfoot Tour (however shitty it may be)? Uncle Slavko struck gold when he decided that “Bigfoot” running through the redwood forest would attract families near and far - so how does one make this happen? Well, you find the most desperate and burnt out kids around, pay them minimum wage, dress them up in Bigfoot costumes and give them a simple script (or five) to follow. And that’s where Johnny, Jim, Dan, Wes and Ron come in.


Johnny, played by Jade Carter, is the charming love interest of Carla. Carla travels up to the lodge to surprise Johnny (this is where Love in the Time of Monsters begins). Little does Carla know that she’ll be the one surprised when she sees him. Jade can be seen on television as the new Geico guy, on recent episodes of House and Castle, as well as many indie feature films (upcoming Office Ninja and Love or War). Not only is Jade a talented actor but he also encompasses the all-American look we were going for (though, ironically, he was born and raised in Canada...).


Jim is the most regularly aggressive Bigfoot Kid who has habits of rebelling against authority and passing as much blame as possible. Jim is played by award-winning standup comic and actor, Paul Elia. Paul began his career as a stand-in for Michael Imperioli on Detroit 1-8-7. Along with his great comedic timing, he also has stunt experience. Since the Bigfoot Kids turn into monsters, the actors do a number of stunts throughout the film – therefore, Kane Hodder (playing Lou) and Stunt Coordinator, Rick McCallum, wanted some Bigfoot Kids who have stunt experience so that these sequences can look badass while remaining safe. You can see Paul at Los Angeles comedy hotspots, Laugh Factory and The Comedy Store. Paul heads to Italy this summer to shoot yet another film.


Dan, played by Alex Sanborn, is the sarcastic self-serving Bigfoot Kid with no loyalties. Alex can be seen in and around Los Angeles performing with the Strait Jacket Society, his own improv group Weird on Top, and doing stand up at local venues.


Wes, the burnout Bigfoot Kid who can’t get through the day without help from Mary Jane, is being played by Jeffrey “Mustache” Turner (yeah this pic above is old... I promise you that he has an epic 'stache now!). Jeff currently resides in New York City, he does entertainment work and he can be seen in the viral video Flying People in New York City. Jeff’s brother, Ben “Eagle” Turner, is shooting our behind the scenes Video Blogs for the film.


Ron is the horndog Bigfoot Kid who hasn’t yet learned how to deal with his raging hormones. He is being played by Alex Gastineau, a local to Gasquet, CA. Alex auditioned for us at a local casting call (headed by Jenny Young and Patti Stammer) and we were extremely impressed with his performance. We’re happy to debut Alex in his first feature film.

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  1. If you Big Foots (or is it Big Feet) are reading this, please be sure to get me your e-mails before wrap. I have some photos for you, and an espeically wonderful new head shot for Jeff. Well, he sort of has a head…it’s just not attached to his body.

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