Who Works at Uncle Slavko’s?

by Allison Vanore

While the Bigfoot Kids are doing tours in the woods, the lodge is taking care of the guests' needs.  You need someone to manage the place, cook the food and pour the drinks.  Without that, you'd have unhappy and hungry guests. What says America better than full bellies and drunk vacationers?


Agatha, played by the lovely Paula Rhodes, is the woman in charge.  She knows everything that’s going on and manages with a no bullshit policy.  Whether it’s burnout Bigfoots , disgruntled cooks, or crazy mountain men hunting on the grounds, Agatha has it handled.  Paula’s credits include the feature film Shuffle (where she stars opposite, TJ Thyne from Bones), Brothers & Sisters, Cameron Romero’s Staunton Hill, Lions for Lambs, Think Tank (opposite Matthew Rhys), A Good Knight’s Quest (which she also produced), ElfQuest: A Fan Imagining (which she produced, co-directed, and starred in).


Jade, played by Zylan Brooks, is a smart yet indifferent cook at Slavko’s lodge.  She does her job and nothing more.  Though Slavko request that she dresses up just like the other employees, Jade basically disregards his request and goes about her business.  Zylan has an impressive history of television appearances and can be seen most recently on House, M.D., The Young and the Restless, Harry’s Law and Dark Blue.


Armando, played by Danny Vasquez, is the suave 50s bartender there to woo the ladies and make the men jealous. Suave as he may seem, however, under his façade he’s exposed as a player who goes for the cheap lay and the easy way out of a problem.  Danny can be seen on recent episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles and Parks and Recreation among other films and television shows.

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