Sneaking in Some Fun

by Allison Vanore

Though we are working long hard hours on Love in the Time of Monsters and mostly at night in the cold dark woods where monsters lurk, we do find time for fun.  Yesterday was our Art Director's birthday - the big 18!! (Okay she's going to kill me now.  She's older than 18... by a tad.)  Anyway, Chloe's bday was yesterday so we wore party hats, sang happy birthday, and ate cake!  The day was marvelous and here are a few other pics from the set of us having some fun.  Shhhh, don't tell Rob Overbeck we're having fun.

Happy birthday, Chloe!

Hugo must have shot Jon Bell.

Erin apparently doesn't want her picture taken.

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  1. Rob

    Why I am very upset! Who would do such a thing!? That is my property, I will find who is responsible for whatever this all is or turns out to be!

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