Overcoming and Succeeding

by Allison Vanore

Patrick Creek Lodge may never be the same after Uncle Slavko had his way with it but hopefully we've left a positive and lasting impression.  Over the next couple of days we will be shooting the final scenes of 'Love in the Time of Monsters' and then we'll be resetting the lodge back to its former state.

From Left: 'Love in the Time of Monsters' Producers Rob Overbeck, Andy Gunn and Allison Vanore.

We've definitely had our share of setbacks as any production will have... you name it, it has probably happened.  But despite all of this, we're overcoming. Succeeding. Luckily we have a team that conquers.  With just a few days left, the importance of a good team, a positive attitude and a great project as a foundation is all the more obvious.

We're fighting sickness, wildlife encounters, bumps, bruises, mechanical failures, software and hardware bugs, rain, freezing creek water, "open" doorways, crashes and exhaustion. I can happily say, we're all still in one piece and we're chipping away at our shot list.  Between every rain drop today we will shoot and get this film done.

If it wasn't for our diehard cast and crew and our fabulous hosts we'd be up shit's creek.  But this is Patrick's Creek and we're kicking butt.

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  1. Katrina

    You guys are tough and committed, and that counts for a lot! Good luck on the final days, and can’t wait to see some footage!

    • Carol K.M.

      Surely wished you’d needed a Little Lady,that is able to “twich” her nose,at some point in your exciting and fun film!. I did just that, in a casino here in Smith River, the Gentleman looked startled!, and immediatly left his beside me!. I have a lot of little chuckles given me, and children love!, Ha! Also, our beautiful home is going up for “Short-Sale,We are just bove the CA. Inspection Station, Here in Smith Riverm on the Hill.,should any one of your crew be in need. Thank you, for your time, and consideration, And we will be anxiously waiting to see your film, So happy, that you enjoyed filming in ou beautiful North Country!Respectfully, Carol.

  2. Aunt Penolope

    Sounds like something Aunt Penolope will like. keep up the hard work!!! A.P.

  3. As self-proclaimed founder [and CEO] of Uncle Slavko’s Fan Club, Inc. I am not only a fan, but am taking the next step and doing consciously what so many Americans have done subconsciously: I’m accepting Uncle Slavko as my personal savior! Hail Uncle Slavko, full of great rates, hallowed be thy name brand. The religious order I’m forming will be a testament to this great profit…and the tax free status that goes with it. Too much? OK, just good luck wrapping and bailing.

  4. gene mentink

    awsome work, cant wait to see the movie,

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