Sizzle Me This

Do you realize that  it's been 2.5 months since we wrapped on Love In The Time Of Monsters?  That's crazy!  Seems like just yesterday we were running around the woods with our cameras.

Here at Monsters HQ, it's been an interesting and productive summer so far.  Our uber-editor Todd has been hard at work on the rough cut, but he also has been putting together our secret weapon: the sizzle reel.  What is a sizzle reel you ask?  A sizzle reel is sort of like a trailer , in that it brings you into the world of the film in a short amount of time.  The difference is that it gives away a lot more than a traditional trailer would (and that's saying something these days). I believe the name comes from the old phrase "sell the sizzle, not the steak", which means this reel has to have a lot of cool stuff in it.  Because let's face it, LiToM has great characters, plot twists and real emotion (the steak), but in 3 minutes, we got to make sure to have one-liners, blood, nudity, and heads being ripped off (the sizzle).  That's what's going to get people to look at the whole film.

Last year when we were shopping LiToM around town with our test scene, we met a lot of people who were interested in our project once it was complete.  The thing is, it obviously takes quite a while to get a full rough cut done to the point where you'd want to show it off.  That's a lot of time not meeting with these people that goes by while you wait.  If you use the sizzle reel when you meet with these distributors and sales agents, you can reel (no pun intended) them in and get them excited about buying your film.  So that's the plan, I'll let you know how it goes!

The Sizzle

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