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Just because we've been hard at work on Post Production for Love In The Time Of Monsters this summer doesn't mean the rest of our team has taken a vacation.  Co-Producers Allison and Rob both have projects of their own going on.  And lucky for us, they showed up on the internet this week!  I couldn't be prouder of either of them!

Allison's webseries "Cost of Capital" is “Wall Street meets The Social Network.” It’s a rare behind-the-scenes look into the shadowy world of billionaire investors – where egos and intrigue collide and a single deal worth hundreds of millions of dollars must get done at any cost. Check out the trailer below:

Rob's new show "Tuddy Guys" is a hilarious take on Fantasy Football obsession.  I don't even do F. Football, and I thought it was great!  This week's special guest star, Matt Lauria from Friday Night Lights:

Did you know this was the 250th post on the LiToM blog?  Seems like just yesterday we started this thing.  Thanks for  being such loyal readers!  We have lots more updates to share with you this summer, so please follow us on facebook, twitter, and youtube. Seeya soon!

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