Big Things Afoot (Get It???)

Lots of cool things happening this week in the world of Love In The Time Of Monsters.  We just had our 250th post on the blog and we are just about to hit 25,000 views right...about....NOW. If you average that out, that's 100 views per post. NOT TOO SHABBY.  Thanks again for all of your support, without you guys I don't know if we would have gotten as far as we have with LiToM.

And how far have we gotten you ask?  Well I am very excited to announce that tonight the Tri-beard council gets our first look at the rough cut!  Matt and Todd have been hard at work tweaking and twisting it, getting it ready for some new Mike and Andy eyes. Obviously I can't wait! Full reports to follow!

I'm sure this won't be true. I don't think it's going to take 8 hours.

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  1. Too bad you guys are all in LA. Big Foot Days is happening in Willow Creek this weekend. I’m positive if he knew you were all in town, he would make a special appearance! Will let you know if he shows…

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