V/H/S Is Here!

You may have heard us bragging and name-dropping our famous friends over at Radio Silence, who were deeply involved in the new (scary as heck) movie V/H/S.  Well, now's your chance to see the thing!  Check it out on iTunes or VOD this weekend.  Congrats Justin and Tyler!

iTunes link: http://bit.ly/VHSiTunes

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  1. Hey there. I did a little write up on the film after I caught the premiere in Hollywood the other night. http://rainydayrun.com/2012/10/04/horror/

    • Andy G.

      Great review! I finally saw the whole thing last night and really enjoyed it. I’m going to post about my adventure, and will probably link to your review.

  2. […] got myself down to the NuArt theater in West LA last night, where I finally got to see V/H/S in all it’s glory!  I’ve been talking about this movie so long, I was excited to […]

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