I Need A Pick-Up

I was really happy with the amount of footage we were able to capture during principal photography on Love In The Time Of Monsters.  Given the inherent limitations of independent filmmaking (time and money), everyone in the cast and crew really stepped up to get the absolute maximum amount of footage possible in the can.  Looking at Chuck's Script Supervisor log at the end of the shoot (beer in hand), I was happy to note that we really weren't missing that many  shots.

Good for us, but we still had some things we needed to pick-up back here in LA.  Mostly a lot of closeups, blood/gore effects and a driving scene that got nuked when it started raining on our last day.  So this past weekend we drove up to Mt Baldy and got some beautiful driving shots of the area.  Why Mt. Baldy you ask?  Well it was reasonably close, it wasn't currently on fire (like the forest to the west) and if you squinted, you could almost see redwoods!  I was really pleased with how it turned out, it's going to fit right in!

Here's the anatomy of a pick-up weekend in picture form:

Matt and I used my Thomas Guide (circa 2004) to find the shoot area. Remember these?


Had to replace the label on our "picture" bottle. The old one had some major water damage.



Spent an exciting Saturday night at the Sephora store in JCPenney buying replacement makeup. PRODUCING


The gang getting serious before a shot. Check out our cool camera setup!

Mt Baldy in all its glory.

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  1. mike cuthbertson

    wish i was there!

  2. Andy G.

    Missed you too Mike! Can’t wait for you to see your awesome performance in the film!

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