The Kindness Of Strangers

You may have heard we shot Love In The Time of Monsters at the beautiful Patrick Creek Lodge in Gasquet, CA (Just outside of Crescent City).  We were lucky to be there, it had such a great vibe, and a lot of built in production value: it just looked the place we had imagined in our heads when reading the script.  And you should have seen it once our über production design team Jon and Chloe got done with it, you've never seen so much all-american accoutrement! It really took on a life of it's own as Uncle Slavko's Fun Time Family Lodge!

We had really decked the lodge out, but we were still on the lookout for some finishing pieces to really bring the Uncle Slavko vibe home.  We sent a batsignal of sorts out to the local community, and lo and behold, we hooked an amazing piece of art from Crescent City's own Marcia Volker: the SasqWAH!

I love it! We hung this amazing piece front and center when you entered Uncle Slavko's lobby; when you see the movie you can't miss it.  Thanks to Marcia for letting us borrow it for a few weeks; we never could have completed LiToM without the help of locals like her. And if you have any more interest in her art or purchasing this piece, check out this site.

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  1. Thanks Andy! I loved having my art in your movie and at the lodge, I had never been to a movie set before and found it fascinating. Thought it was funny, too, how we struggled getting the large, heavy mural there, and when we got there, one of the guys just picked it up by himself and said, “This? It’s not heavy.” Can’t wait to see the movie, I follow all your posts. Will anyone come up here to the premier at our theatre? I hope so! If anyone wants to read about my sasqWAH painting, they can go to Thanks again!

    • Andy G.

      Hey Marcia, thanks for the note, glad you are enjoying the blog! I’ll put your link into the post, and also on the sidebar so people will see it. We’re definitely hoping to make it back up to CC for some sort of premiere. Stay tuned, it really depends what happens when we finish this thing!

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