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The past few weeks have been a post-production whirlwind of progress!  The film is looking better and better with every cut thanks to our editor, Todd, and we here at TBC Films are gearing up to attack this next phase of marketing with a big push!  We've got plans to jazz up this very blog as well as release promotional material to major internet sites that have to remain unnamed as of now.  Love in the Time of Monsters is only getting bigger and louder - there's never been a better time to subscribe!

Another major task of ours is to update the film poster and tagline.  Now, a film's tagline may seem fairly inconsequential but it has a very important purpose - it needs to sell the tone and genre of the film to as many people as possible with as few words as possible.  It needs to pop, inform, and not only stay with the audience but also appeal to them on a primal level.  It needs to get a big, loud YES! from everyone who sees it.  It's quite a challenge, and we've made good progress so far, so I'd like to share with you and even get your opinions on our options - both serious and obviously not serious - so far.

To help you all get the feel of the tagline's delivery I'll present them in current-poster-context.

Our next poster will feature 36% more babe.

So here we go!

Love in the Time of Monsters -

It's a decent start, tying love into danger.

You see where I'm going with these.

These two were deemed a little too racy.  Maybe they'll work for different movies ...

Love this one.  Probably the only one who does.

Get some asterisks in here and BOOM! legally family-friendly.

This one goes back to connecting love and fear, this time on a physiological scale.  I like the concept but LOOK AT ALL THE WORDS.

It's tough to resist the urge to incorporate our crazy setting over the characters and conflicts.  Also, I'm sure "early check-out" officially became a tired cliche back in the '70s.

BOOM.  This one's my favorite.  Really simple, rhythmic, to the point and relatable to just about everyone.

So what do you all think?  Did you LOL at any in particular?  I'll even settle for a mild COL.  (Definitely email me if you EOL'd!)  Leave a comment below, we're listening!

On that note, we also are going to have a lot more to say as things ramp up.  All you have to do is click on links for twitter, facebook, and YouTube and you'll be kept in the loop for all the future monstery goodness.

Finally, as a fun little bonus, I whipped up a couple bastardizations of taglines from classic cinema as they related to Love in the Time of Monsters.  Enjoy!

Here's It's Alive

The Graduate


Army of Darkness

8 Responses

  1. Douglas Clayton

    Completely with you on your best choice. Rings best all around, and doesn’t require any inside knowledge to be understood. And it ties in the two images we see – girl and monster… True Love can get Real Ugly – YEAH!

  2. Love In The Time Of Monsters or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Bigfoot


    No Vacancy. No Pie. No Escape.

  3. “Love is a Dish Best Served With Monsters.”

  4. Dan Litzinger

    “Til Death Do They Part…And Maybe A Little After.”

    Actually, I am fully onboard for “It’s All Fun and Games…Until Monsters.”

    As for your favorite, it’s my second choice, but I would get rid of the “Sometimes” and just say “True Love Can Get Real Ugly.”

    • Mike Skvarla

      Good call, Dan! It’s immediately more powerful without the “sometimes”.

  5. Andy Kallok

    “A vacation in the woods was never so Monstrous.” “Not your everyday family vacation.” “He was so cute…until he took a bite out of me.”

  6. Katrina

    I think I agree with Dan – “It’s all fun and games… until monsters” just cracks me up. Barring that, I vote for “True love can get real ugly!”

  7. “World’s First Rom-Zom-Mon-Com” or “What’s worse than rampaging Bigfoot? Rampaging Zombie Bigfeet.” or “All’s fair in love and gore.” or “There’s Something Out In The Woods Tonight…” or “Love + Camp + Oooze = Bigfoot Attack” …. love reading the others people have!

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